Desika Daya

36 e-lessons (compositions)

Total duration of 12 hours

Medium of Instruction

Indian accent 'English'

  • * 91 day period (on and between : 15-Oct-2021 & 13-Jan-2022)

The course shall comprise

  • Scholarly explanation by Sri Dushyanth Sridhar to 36 compositions in 6 languages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamizh, Telugu, Kannada & Marathi) by 20+ revered composers (6th to 20th century CE.)
  • Fervid rendering of the 36 compositions by 6 eminent musicians who will transport sishyas to the world of bliss
Amritha Murali
Bharat Sundar
Vignesh Ishwar
Vidhya Kalyanaraman
Sriranjani Santhanagopalan
Ramakrishnan Murthy
Note: A personalized e-certificate shall be issued to every sishya who attends the course.
Abhinava e-Pātashālā
Vishesham (Events)