Desika Daya

Sri Dushyanth Sridhar

Is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Sanātana Dharma who renders discourses in English & TamilDelivers discourses on Rāmāyana, Mahābhārata, Bhāgavata, Vishnu Purāna, Bhagavad Gitā, Vishnu Sahasranāma and Divya Prabanda in the upanyāsam, pravachanam or kālakshepam styleHas collaborated with eminent musicians to deliver discourses in the harikathā style and with renowned dancers in the kathā-nritya styleHas conceptualized, scripted and directed large dance productions such as Rāmāyana Sudhā, Srinivāsam Prapadye, Aranganin Pādaiyil, Rāmānuja Darshanam and Vedānta Desika Charitram with leading choreographersDelivers lectures to corporates and educational institutions besides speaking at renowned conclaves
Is known in households through his discourses in regional TV channels (Doordarshan Podhigai, SVBC, Sri Sankara, Star Vijay, Zee Tamil, Jaya, Polimer, Puthu Yugam)Has a wide spectrum of audience following on YouTube with 15 million views and 1000 videosHas rendered over 3000 discourses in 125 cities across 23 countries (Indiā, Sri Lankā, Bhutān, Nepāl, Chinā, Myānmar, Cambodiā, Indonesiā, Malaysiā, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE, Kenyā, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmārk, Switzerlānd, Belgium, UK, New Zealānd, Australiā, Canadā, USA)Has authored a coffee-table book in English titled Vedānta Desika – the peerless poet-preceptor, a critically acclaimed and best-selling book in its genre
Organizes Yātrās to temples of religious and architectural significance in collaboration with a leading tour agent. Till date, they have accompanied over 2000 pilgrims covering 40,000 miles in 180 days. They have visited over 200 temples in India, Nepāl, Bhutān, Bāli, Cambodiā and Sri LankāPenned the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie Vedānta Desika that was produced by Mukthā Films, besides donning the role of the protagonistManages Desika Dayā - a public charitable and religious trust registered in Karnataka under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961. A total of 4 million INR was cumulatively spent and facilitated towards various charitable and cultural activities
Has learnt Sri Bhāshya, Gitā Bhāshya, Rahasya Traya Sāra, Bhagavad Vishaya, Satadushani and Tiruneduntāndagam from esteemed preceptors such as;Villivalam Sri Nārāyana Yatindra MahādesikaNāvalpākkam Sri Rāmānuja TātāchārCetlur Sri SrivatsāngāchārNelvoy Sri SowmyanārāyanāchārVillur Sri KarunākarāchārDevanārvilāgam Sri Sāranāthāchar
Has studied B.E (Hons) in Chemical Engineering & M.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (Pilani)Is a recipient of the prestigious Indian Academy of Sciences Fellowship, and subsequently interned at the Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru)
Worked (full-time) in Multi-National Corporations for six years in the areas of market research and strategyServed (part-time) as a teaching faculty at a leading Business School for three years
awardAwards & Accolades


Pravachana Ratna Mani Title by Poundareekapuram Srimad Andavan Ashramam


Sarva Kalā Chudāmani Title by Sri Hayagreeva Vidyā PeetamNotable Alumnus Award from NSN Group of Institutions


Sollin Selvan Title by The South Indian Bhajana Samāj


Harikathā Bhārati Title by Bhārat KalāchārYoung Achievers Award from Rotary International


Best Parliamentarian Award from G D Birlā Memorial Foundation


Bhāgawata Bhāswan Sri Anjan Nambudiri Memorial Award by Mahālingapuram Sri Ayyappan Bhakta Sabhā


Best Outgoing Student Award from Kishkintā Theme ParkSchool Pupil leader Medal from NSN Group of Institutions


Global ‘30 under 30’ Award from BITSAA International


Best Parliamentarian Award from C P Rāmaswāmi Aiyar Foundation
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