Desika Daya
Prayanam (Pilgrimage)

Yātrā is an initiative of Sri Dushyanth Sridhar in partnership with a leading tour agent in Chennai (managed by Sri Sudarsan & Smt Sujāthā). Through this, they have curated many itineraries, predominantly Sri-Vaishnavite spiritual entourages, both in India and abroad. Such arrangements mostly included:

  • Providing Standard to Star Hotels with AC rooms
  • Transporting in Standard AC coaches
  • Ferrying in Flights & Trains
    (wherever applicable)
  • Facilitating Visas
    (wherever applicable)
  • Providing Sāttvic Vegetarian Food
    (through accompanying cooks from Chennai)

Besides the above features, Sri Dushyanth Sridhar accompanies the pilgrims in all of these Yātrās. He has rendered discourses (in Tamil) on ancient Hindu scriptures for over 300 hours, in these Yātrās. Such discourses also included detailing of the visiting sites, in both aspects viz. religion and architecture. Till date, he has accompanied over 3000 pilgrims, covered 50,000 miles, in 180 days, in all! Yātrā's objective is to assist the interested pilgrims in having a comfortable journey seeking spiritual solace.

Past Yatras

  • Divya Desams & Abhimāna Sthalams
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bāli & Cambodiā
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodiā


May 2022


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Nava-Dwārkā & Pushkar

Mar 2022


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Badrināth & Muktināth

May 2017

Nava-Dwārkā & Pushkar

Mar 2016

AP & Telangāna

Jan 2016

Vada Nādu

Sep 2015

Pāndya & Nadu Nādu

Feb 2015

Malai Nādu

Feb 2015

Malai Nādu

Jan 2023

Chola Nādu

Aug 2014

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  • Kerala

“We have traveled twice. The transit, accommodation, paperwork in terms of visa were trouble free. Your good eye for detail when it comes to keeping in mind the age of the travelers, choosing the hotels, buses for travel was excellent. Yummy vegetarian food which is no less than homemade food was an added benefit. The discourses by Sri Dushyanth were indeed a divine experience and the main attraction. Eagerly looking forward to more such yatras.”

- Mr. Prakash and Ms. Priya
Sri Dushyanth SridarSri Dushyanth Sridhar (DS)