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PRADARSHANAM (Dance Production)

Sri Dushyanth Sridhar delivers discourses interspersed with dance (as kathā-nritya) in collaboration with dancers like Ramyā Rāmnārāyan, Krithikā Subrahmanian, Aishwaryā Venkatesh, Purnimā Venkatesh, Mālā & Archanā Rājā, Purnimā Bālasubramaniam, Lāvanyā Surendar, Shrutipriyā Ravi and Pranamyā Suri.

He has conceptualized, scripted and directed large dance productions such as Agre Pashyāmi, Rāmāyana Sudhā, Srinivāsam Prapadye, Aranganin Pādaiyil, Rāmānuja Darshanam, Bhāvayāmi Raghurāmam and Vedānta Desika Caritram with leading choreographers like Anitha Guha, Shobanā Bhālchandra, Hemā Rājagopālan, Jayanthi Subramaniam, Rojā Kannan, Priyā Murle and Divya Senā.

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It is not often that every element in a dance production comes together beautifully as it did in‘Ramayana Sudha’. It is a story that lends itself to creativity and divine experience every time. The production was executed competently. Was it the vision of Dushyant Sridhar, who is seeing Ramayana the way it needs to be, keeping in mind dialogue, dance and music?

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The beautiful story drew the audience into its core and kept them firm in their seats till the end when Srinivasa marries Padmavathi. While the story is a much known and many are aware of how the temple came into existence, the production still required a lot of research to able to showcase the ethos and philosophy

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The concept of 'Aranganin Pādaiyil' was novel

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Sri Dushyanth SridarSri Dushyanth Sridhar (DS)